georgia southern university

Yep, this is it...

Here we go. This is the start of my whirlwind adventure across the good 'ol US of A. Where was I lucky enough to start this jet-setting journey? Epsilon Pi chapter at Georgia Southern University! Well, it was sort of the start to my jet-setting journey... I had the treat of road trippin' it here with sweet Ms. Mathews, International VP of Collegiate Membership, since she lives right here in Statesboro, GA & this just happens to be her chapter of initiation (no pressure, right? riiight). Apparently, it's not a road trip with Ms. Mathews if you don't stop at Starbucks (She'll take a venti iced coffee black... me? I'll have a tall skinny vanilla latte.) & this cute little bakery in Macon for a delicious lemon cupcake. Can't complain about those pit stops, can ya? Nope.

We turn on to Olympic Blvd., and it looks just as regal as its name sounds: huge brick mansions complete with traditional white columns, rocking chairs on every porch, and each house topped off with their Greek letters. Yes ma'am, this is the south the south in full swing for recruitment.

the white house... well, sort of.
Almost as soon as I walked into the ADPi house (and yes - it's the most beautiful house on the row), I was greeted with a warm smile from Miss Annalee, chapter president; if I had half her energy, I'd be set. This girl is the definition of a go-getter. You know, actually, this chapter is full of go-getters & I learned quite a bit from these women.

You want to talk about a sisterhood? Mk. Let's chat about Epsilon Pi. I met the most amazing unforgettable inspiring remarkable phenomenal sister while I was there. God works in the craziest ways, and man oh man did He do something crazy while I was there. Turns out, this sister has been in remission since December from Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and God blessed me with the opportunity to live with and learn from her the entire time I was there. You talk about some pillow talk that makes ya step back & take a look at your life: this was it. This chapter never thought twice about rallying around our sister to help her out in any way possible, everything from visits to texts to phone calls to fundraisers - Epsilon Pi was there.

They say one of the greatest aspects of being an Alpha Delta Pi sister is that when you meet another sister, you automatically share that special bond of sisterhood. If I didn't already know that, I certainly do now. Not only was this chapter there for her, but a very special sister from Theta Kappa chapter at Florida Atlantic University was there, too. Turns out, she was in remission from Leukemia, and she knew just how to help. She gave advice on what to eat when she had no appetite, what medicines to take for nausea, and what to do during treatments to keep her mind off of it all. That's just the surface of their special story. This sister defines our motto:

We live for each other.

My time at Georgia Southern ended with the best shebang known to sorority women: BID DAY. If you haven't ever been to a bid day in the south, go. It's quite a treat. Loud music, Chick-Fil-A, dance parties on the front lawn... What more could a girl ask for? Oh, right. Cup cakes. Yes, they have those, too, complete with lion decorations.

it's hard to be humble when you're queen of the jungle
Well, that's a wrap! Its been real Georgia. Until next time...



confession: i have a mom camera

They say a picture is worth 1000 words...

... so I suppose I could write a book with all the pictures I took of my time in Atlanta. And yes, I have a big 'ol camera I plan on taking with me everywhere I go, complete with a strap around my neck & all. No shame. Go ahead & take a gander at all the fun I had during training!

the classic consultant fountain shoot.
reppin' our districts: 3, 2, 5, and 6!
dream come true: water fountain action shot.
the cannonball house
wesleyan college... the perfect place for a gazillion pics on the stairs
a fun night at cafe intermezzo
What am I up to now? I am just lovin' life at Georgia Southern! Stay tuned for a post about my time in south Jawjah (that's Georgia for all you Northern folks).