merry christmas

Just wanted to share...

a little sweet something with you from a dear sister at Western Kentucky.

And remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. I don't know about you, but I sure am thankful God loves us all enough to have given us His only son many, many, many years ago.

"Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests." Luke 2:14



a lost generation

"This generation thinks they're so entitled..."

I was given my first cell phone my freshman year of high school, a new car when I was 16, and an iPad when I graduated from college. So, okay - I can see why people say that, especially when I think about my special Grandpa who, to this day, never ever leaves any food on his plate & scolds me when I do because he knows what it's like to live through the Great Depression with five brothers and three sisters; his momma had so little to spend on groceries each week, and sometimes, she'd have to put some groceries back just to sneak them one candy bar to share amongst the nine of them. To this day, when he talks about his momma, you'd think he was talking about a queen. He loves that lady. When I sit here and think about it all, I feel disgustingly spoiled.

With everything that's been in the news recently, it's safe to say something's gotta give. When I applied to be a Leadership Consultant, the essay I wrote about why I wanted this job was all about empowerment. Throughout my whole life, people have empowered me to make a difference, and so now, it's my turn to empower others it's our turn, as the so-called entitled generation, to hold each other accountable.

Consider this your call-to-action:

Now, go do something & make a difference in this world, be the positive change our country is screaming for, or better yet

refuse to be part of a lost generation.



western kentucky university

There's just something about this chapter...

It absolutely felt like home. Maybe it was the Moe Monday run the day I got there, or maybe it was the hot apple cider & Christmas decorations, or maybe it was the incredible Bible study I was blessed to be a part of. Whatever it was,

i loved it.

When I get my schedule once a month, I immediately color code it into my Erin Condren planner. One color for the visit, one color for the intro letter, another color for the phone calls, and yet another color for the goals report. Well, when I saw, in green, I'd be at WKU for an entire week as my last visit of the semester, I began to worry I'd run out of steam fast. I was afraid my mind would be on the LC reunion in Atlanta, or reuniting with all of my Hokies in Blacksburg. Come to find out, the chapter had their reservations about having me there for a week, too. What if we didn't hit it off? What if I was lame? Well, I think both sides can say we were pleasantly surprised!

There is no other place

I'd rather have spent my last

visit of the fall semester.

Between the late night runs looking for "Mark", trip to Nashville, eating at all the cute delis in Bowling Green, quickly learning all the house girls' nicknames, seeing the Greek community come together to remember a special AOPi, and of course everything that comes with consulting, it's safe to say I loved this visit.

sending up love & prayers for a missed alpha omicron pi sister
the most beautiful tree (besides my mom's, of course) i've ever seen
and the true reason i loved them: they have sass.
In fact, I loved it so much I gave Big Faith my personal number - and if you know me, you know that is a huge deal.

bwalk + big faith
So, that's a wrap on my fall semester, and I couldn't have ended it any better! My January schedule just found its way to my inbox, so it's time to get color-coding again.