holy moly, time flies.

South Carolina. Florida. Florida. Texas. California. Washington. California.

Those states, ladies & gentlemen, where my whereabouts for January & February! Yes, I know. I'm really, really blessed to have this job.

Oh, real quick before I get too excited telling you about all my adventures: my apologies for not blogging sooner! Shout out to Miss Cammy Brown, Eta Pi - Virginia Tech for always keeping me on my toes with this whole blogging thing.

So, here we go, the past two months of my life condensed into one giant blog post:

Zeta Phi - Francis Marion University

Florence, SC was a tiny town with a ton of spunk. I stayed with the coolest Pi, Angie, for two nights & introduced her to one of my fave movies (for the time being), Pitch Perfect! We praised Jesus together on Sunday morning, and she taught me that food has no calories when you're with your sisters. So, yeah - she was pretty much awesome. The real icing on the cake, though, had to be the chapter officers. I was there during their Officer Transition Workshop, and between the Chapter President, RVP, and myself, I think we lit a fire within those women. Ya know, that reminds me: for all you chapters out there constantly recruiting to reach total...

don't give up. do not give up.

Eugenia started with five other women & a vision, and look at what the first and finest has become. Recruitment is an opportunity to share the gift of Alpha Delta Pi with others. What has this sorority done for you? Go out there and do it for somebody else.

Zeta Epsilon - University of West Florida

Talk about a chapter full of celebs. I met a Disney Princes... a real, live Disney Princess! Also, one of their sisters was an All-American Mascot in high school - legit. And, to top it all off, I met this guy:

I bet I know what you're thinking: is that the guy who does the ADPi rap? You better believe it is. I know, I know. Once again, this job is awesome.

Oh, and the Chapter President here, Destin, she was such a sweetheart. Just about every morning she'd knock on my door with a latte from Starbucks. Yep, you could say I left this chapter a tad bit spoiled.

Zeta Omega - University of Central Florida

So, we pull into the row, and what do I see: ADPis tanning on the front lawn. In bikinis. In January. And no, I wasn't seeing things - this is their reality. Who's jealous? Me. And, as if this wasn't enough to clue me in on the fact that I was about to have an amazing week, this sheet sign sure did.

These chapter women were some of the best hostesses yet! I came home one night to find a dozen mini cupcakes on my bed from a local bakery. So, if I wasn't spoiled enough by Zeta Epsilon, Zeta Omega made sure of it. I also got another sweet treat: a night off to spend some quality time with two of my Eta Pi chapter sisters who live in Orlando now!

Oh, and one more fun fact: their former house director is Rob Thomas's, lead singer in Matchbox Twenty, mother!

Zeta Lambda - Texas A&M

This was home: crazy traditions, corps of cadets, football fanatics, a class ring tradition... Sounds a bit like Virginia Tech if ya ask me.

You wanna talk about a chapter dedicated to change? Zeta Lambda is chock full of incredible leaders who won't take "this is the way we've always done it" for an answer, and I just love that. There's nothing that burns me up more than that lousy excuse, and these women didn't give it to me.

There are some chapters that just tug at my heartstrings because they get it; they know what it takes to leave a legacy, and Zeta Lambda is determined to do so.

Theta Pi - Santa Clara Panhellenic

Talk about something coming full circle. It was such an incredible experience not only to help recruit these women in October, but to come back four months later & help initiate them - that is what I love about this job.

Watching the very first Theta Pi Chapter President be handed the chapter's gavel by our International President... Watching every officer be installed... Watching each member be recognized one by one for their hard work in turning their colony into a chapter... Watching the chapter be presented with their charter... Those are all experiences I will never forget.

Alpha Theta - University of Washington

First thing's first: Seattle is b e a u t i f u l. It may be gray & misty most days, but this was such a pretty place! I hear I was lucky to see clear blue skies one day since the clouds only clear up a few times a month in the winter.

Oh, and does the name Maxine Blake (maybe Maxine Blake Golden Lion) ring a bell? Yep, she's the sister who was Grand President from 1948-1977, and she's an Alpha Theta! Their house (which houses every single one of their 100+ members) has a Maxine Blake Library in it, and of course that's where I had my meetings ever day.

Zeta Alpha - Cal State Fullerton

You know when something just feels right & you can't quite put your finger on it? That was Zeta Alpha for me. Living out of three suitcases is exhausting, but when I go somewhere like this, that doesn't really matter anymore - it's totally worth it.

I hear it wouldn't quite be a trip to Zeta Alpha without a fun day. So, what did we do? We went to Knott's Berry Farm! This girl loves roller coasters, and we rode them allllllllll day. Day made.

Their Chapter President, Amy - She's definitely going to do big things. And, their Executive Committee? They're golden. These women really get it: good leaders maintain status quo... great leaders leave the position better than when they started.

Well, that's a wrap! I've had quite the week (Disneyland, paddle boarding, biking along the Pacific, and a ropes course!), so stay tuned for another post. This time, I promise it won't be two months. Oops.