university of memphis

Something about this school just felt right...

Maybe it was the Target run right off the bat, or the generous welcome gifts (thanks for the Starbucks card - that's the way to my heart). Or, maybe it was all the sisters coming by room right away letting me know if I needed anything at all, don't hesitate to ask them. Whatever it was, I liked loved it.

Coming from Eta Pi at Virginia Tech, this chapter was a smaller one, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I quickly learned their names, their personalities, and felt like a part of the sisterhood that is Gamma Eta.

Plus, who doesn't love a good theme for the days of Spirit Week?! Too bad I can't have a suitcase just for costumes...

who doesn't love dressing like their fave disney character? given my skin tone, i supposed i could pass this one off as snow white. womp.
decades day!
Oh, and let's not forget about their pretty campus! Fun fact: Did you know Memphis is named after a city in Egypt? Me either.

yep, i almost played in the fountain. one more day in memphis, and i swear i would've.
If you ever get the chance to go to Memphis, do it. While you're there, be sure to hit up Central BBQ & try their BBQ nachos. Phenomenal.



university of tennessee at martin

Tradition is not something to take lightly...

Especially if you're a sister of the Delta Upsilon chapter.

tra-di-tion (noun): the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation

... and I do mean generation to generation. Women go through recruitment here knowing what's up: Homecoming.

At the University of Tennessee at Martin, Homecoming isn't just about the parade or the king & queen. It's about rope pull. Not familiar? Let me fill you in. So, basically, this is tug-of-war on steroids. There's a strategy (complete with plays). And coaches. And practices. The rope weaves in between the women, and they pull, pull, pull until the other team gives. Don't get out of line, or you might crack a rib (literally).

Pyramid. How could that slip my mind? Ever think back to the good 'ol glory days of high school cheering the team on under the Friday night lights? (maybe that's just me. oops.) Well, relive the dream in Martin, TN. Ya know, just another awesome Homecoming tradition.

So, think your school has some crazy awesome traditions (I do - it's called Enter Sandman)? These are some of the coolest I've ever heard of.

Oh, and these are also some of the coolest women I've ever met.


sweet deltas waiting on their newest starting line up.
one of the best welcomes yet! a glittery sign + mexican food = sold.


mercer university

Talk about a tightknit community...

Everyone who goes to Mercer is like family. Anytime I walked on campus with a sister, she saw so many people she knew, and I mean actually knew. It was impressive. What was really crazy was when I'd start walking places on campus & see sisters I knew. So, basically, what I'm getting at is this:

these sisters became my family.

I loved it at Mercer. I knew it was going to be a great visit when a sister came up to me early on & said: if you went to school here, you so would've been a Pi. (yep - she was right.) Between trips to Jittery Joes (the best little coffee shop in town), a late-night Sonic run, and the best dinner at Carrabbas, I fell in love with this school. I promise you I loved the sisters, too! Just noticed the aforementioned list all deals with food... (Once a foodie, always a foodie.)

what could be better than blue & white? blue, white, and red. 'merica.
So here's something I've learned so far from this whole living-out-of-three-suitcases mess:

some of the best times in life are unplanned...

...like this chapter's impromptu Bid Day dance party in the rain a few years ago - When the rain washed away their plans of traveling to the lake for the afternoon on Bid Day, they didn't fret. Instead, they danced the day away out on the back porch & here's what I heard about that day: it was the best Bid Day yet. Well, until this year.

This year, they had a Red, White, and Boom Bid Day theme complete with baseball tees, American flag wooden letters, and the yummiest cookout food. And yes - a dance party on the back porch. See below. (I really wish I could dance. Ballet? Got ya covered. Anything else? Uh, not so much.) Oh, how could I forget the most important part of Bid Day? They had the greatest starting line-up: the 2012 Alpha class!

My visit to Mercer University is certainly one for the books. Literally. I've already sent home cards sisters wrote me, so I can stick them in my scrapbook.