santa clara panhellenic

Yes, I have been on a blogging hiatus...

But let me tell ya something, I've been a tad bit preoccupied. Starting a colony is no cake walk, but it certainly has a sweet ending.

welcome home, alphas!
I just can't help but wonder who the consultants were that brought Alpha Delta Pi to Virginia Tech. I never really thought about it until I became a consultant given the honor to help give the gift of ADPi to another Panhellenic community. You know, when I took this job, I had mixed feelings about being a part of a colony experience - it was foreign to me, and the unknown is scary. Would I be good at it, or would I fail? Did I have the necessary skills to start something incredible out of nothing? Well, in the off-chance that the consultant who started Eta Pi chapter at Virginia Tech is reading this, I want to say

thank you

Thank you for taking a chance on us. Without you, I wouldn't be an Alpha Delta Pi, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Without you, I wouldn't have the opportunity to help start the colony at Santa Clara Panhellenic, and only God knows what ADPi will bring those women.

yay! so glad to have you both.
Speaking of those women, they are nothing short of incredible. Hearing what they've accomplished in just two or three years of college far outshines anything I could ever imagine a college student being capable of. I mean, get this: one of the Alphas interned for Parliament. Yes, Parliament. These women are such go-getters, and let me tell ya, that chapter is going to do big things. So, watch out ADPi World!

I cannot wait to head back to Santa Clara for their initiation & installation. I'm almost more excited for that than Christmas, and if you know me, that's saying a lot. I can't wait to see & hear about all the amazing things they're doing! And, to see Ms. Pinkston hand the very first Theta Pi Chapter President her gavel - that'll be a moment all of us involved with that colony will never forget.