my alma mater

I get asked many questions on the road...

Where are you from? What's ADPi like at your school? What positions did you hold? Do you have a boyfriend? Is that hard? Why do you have so much stuff for a week? Oh, you really live out of those suitcases? What did you study? So, is this your only job? Are you going to do this forever? Do you know the other consultants? Are you going to come back & visit us? What's your favorite chapter? Are we your favorite chapter?

But, there's one question that always sticks out above the rest:

[sister] Where did you go to school? [me] Virginia Tech! [sister] Oh... So, were you there for the shooting?

It gets me every. single. time.

On April 16, 2007, I sat down at the dinner table with my parents & younger brother as I did every night growing up. My dad looked at me and asked what I thought was the craziest, most absurd question anyone could ever ask:

[dad] So, do you still want to go to Virginia Tech? [me] You bet.

You know, Virginia Tech is an amazing school home, and it just burns me up that people don't think of more than that day when they hear its name.

Michele Obama couldn't have said it better.

Want to know something else? U.S. News & World Report ranks Virginia Tech #28 out of all public universities in the nation, Southern Living listed it as one of the Best College Towns in the South, and the Princeton Review ranks Virginia Tech second in the nation for Best Campus Food.

Oh, and let's have a little chat about Hokie football. I cried about graduating when I watched a trailer for the 2012 football season that came out last spring; Virginia Tech football is serious. In fact, Lane Stadium is considered to be one of the loudest stadiums in the country and has been dubbed the most exciting entrance in college football.

So, next time you have the privilege of meeting a Hokie, I hope you think about what an incredible place Virginia Tech is & how unbelievably silly you were to not go there.

And that, ladies & gents...

that's what it's all about.



northern arizona university

Having the chance to visit a chapter more than once...

Is always such a treat. Return visits feel like home - familiar faces, a familiar bed, and getting the chance to eat at that local yummy restaurant one more time.

and I'm so glad to be back!

Visiting the Epsilon Xi chapter at Northern Arizona University again was even better than a typical second visit! Last time I visited this chapter, I left the town of Flagstaff with 2 feet of snow on the ground (who knew it snowed in Arizona? Not me...), and returned to beautiful 70 degree weather. Experiencing two different seasons in one city on the opposite side of the country from what I'm used to was pretty neat.

beautiful sunset during a break in the snow storm

So, let's talk about this snow for a second. I have never seen so much snow come down so fast! I mean, it snows in Virginia, but not like this. In VA, the weatherman calls for 2", and there's no milk or bread on shelves for miles. In Flagstaff, it snows 2', and life goes on as normal. Well, except for the airports! When my flight was finally able to leave, they de-iced the plane (not exactly what you want to hear the flight attendant announce just prior to take-off). Taking off in a snow storm is quite an experience!

are we sure this is safe?..

Oh, and check out this little adventure I had pre-snow storm. Ya know, just a day in the life doing an obstacle course 30' up in some trees. No biggie.

On my second visit, life in Flagstaff was quite different. In fact, my visit included my third Mallard Ball (an ADPi southern tradition celebrating the beginning of duck hunting season) of this crazy consultant journey & a trip to the Grand Canyon! It is beautiful to say the very least. Honestly, it looks like a painting. If you've never been, go visit the big ditch sometime. It's worth it.

stevie & me
throw diamonds at the canyon - check.
b e a u t i f u l

Oh, one last Arizona thought: Watch for elk crossing. Yes, elk. My dad always warns me to "be careful & watch out for deer & fog!", but elk? Nope. Not in VA. Yet another new experience for this east coaster.

typical arizona rear view
typical arizona curbside view



love God, sweet tea, and the SEC

That they do at good ole Beta Nu...

Beta Nu chapter at the University of Georgia (which I quickly learned is referred to simply as "Georgia") was the perfect beginning to my last leg of travels!

The house was unbelievable & absolutely perfect for Alpha Delt: it was built in 1851! It's formerly known as the Hamilton House and is one of three houses on Milledge Ave. built by the Hamilton family. The other two houses are now owned by Kappa Alpha Theta & Phi Mu. If you look carefully at the windows of the house, you'll see dates etched into them. Rumor has it ADPis would use their diamond rings to scratch the year into the window - they just had to be sure those rocks were real! Oh, and one other thing, the house had the sweetest touch: a welcome banner for me!

the hamilton house
gorgeous front parlor
southern staple: wrap around front porch & rockers
so sweet!

UGA's campus was just beautiful & full of tradition. There's an arch on campus that was once the entrance to the once-gated campus, and it's thought that if you walk under the arch before you graduate, you'll have to stay an extra year. If I were a student at Georgia, I'd definitely be walking under that arch! There's also a bell on campus that anyone can ring. Apparently, it rings all night when they beat their football rival! Oh, and get this: an Alpha Delta Pi's grandfather owns the Uga dog line! Yep, the dogs that are UGA's mascot. How awesome is that?!

the famous arch
the site of their original football field

See you soon, Georgia! Countdown for my return to Atlanta & reunion with my Sisters of the Suitcase: 13 days!



california adventures

When I began to seriously think about this job...

I decided I wouldn't go home on my two days off (and when's that? only every 30 days. 30). When else am I going to get this opportunity to pack my life into three suitcases and hit the road? Probably never. So, I'm milkin' it for all it's worth.

I've been spending most of the spring semester in Pacific Time, and when my first days off for the spring semester rolled around at the end of February, I was ready for an adventure & adventure is what I got.

I'm not usually a spontaneous person - ask my mom; on Monday morning, I'm asking what's for dinner on Friday. My life has always revolved around familiarity... The same 'ol thing day in & day out... Until this job! Now, I'm game for just about anything (No, John, I'm still not ready to jump out of a plane.).

First on the agenda: Disneyland. Who can say they've been to Disneyland & Disney World within a year of each other? Not many. Still haven't quite figured out how I lucked into this job...

camera? throw diamonds, of course.

Next up: paddle boarding. Ever tried this? You should! I was 100% certain I was going to fall into the water, but I actually balanced the entire two hours - I guess all those years of ballet paid off.

such a fun afternoon

Yet another treat: a ritzy movie theater. It may not sound like much to you, but to a girl coming from Covington, VA where the movie theater shows only three movies at a time (usually ones that have been out for a month or so), and you can feel every spring in the seat, this. was. awesome. Every person had a La-Z-Boy to sit in & watch the movie. A La-Z-Boy! Crazy. Waitresses waited on us & brought us whatever our hearts desired (ps: popcorn drizzled in dark chocolate and caramel should be a sin).

Can't forget this: riding beach cruisers along the Pacific. They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but I'm pretty sure I had forgotten. You should've seen me try to get started on this thing. Embarrassing. We rode all the way from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach! It felt like a forever-long bike ride, but who knows how long it actually was.

so, the bike was almost too tall for me.

Oh, and somehow, I ended up at the Orange County Music Awards. Crazy.

California, its been real. Maybe I'll see you soon.