university of southern california

Insert cliché about California girls being unforgettable...

Being in Los Angeles for the last 5 days was an unforgettable experience! Yes, I'm sure it was unforgettable because of all the firsts I had, but I think it was these women, too.

They are on fire for this sorority, and as someone who jet sets every few days for the Alpha Delt, there's nothing better than working with women who feel that way. I was able to meet with sisters who aren't even officers yet - they just wanted to meet with me to chat about about the sorority & how they can help improve their chapter.

This chapter shares something in common with many chapters across the country: they're at a crossroads. With ΑΔΠ election season in full swing, I find it necessary to remind you we are the first & finest.

vote accordingly

Don't settle for being an average chapter. Don't cast a popular vote - cast an educated vote. Think to the future; remember, just because you may not be an officer, what your chapter does during your membership is just as much a part of the legacy you leave as it is anyone else's.

Mk. I'll step off my election soap box for a sec & let you take a peek at my life in L.A.

recognize this? it's the library from legally blonde.

oj simpson's heisman

this beaut used to be the spanish consulate

intersection of rodeo & brighton

cupcake atm? is this real?

exec + me at the greek gala

first snap shot of the pacific

first dip in the pacific


valdosta state & austin peay

Well, I guess if you can't go to your own Homecoming...

Go to everyone else's! After all this traveling, I'm not really sure where I'm from or where I'm going. So, naturally, I fit right in at these homecoming celebrations.

Greeks certainly do love their traditions, and homecoming is no exception. Lip sync, step shows (check out Austin Peay steppin' below), talent shows, pomping (Yep. This was new to me, too. It's a fancy name for rolling tissue paper into balls ot be later glued to a float.) sheets & sheets & sheets of paper... All for one purpose: first place. First place in homecoming comes with major bragging rights, and what chapter doesn't want that?

the makings of austin peay's homecoming float
Both chapters I visited were lucky enough to have homecoming queen candidates, too! What an honor. Having a candidate on court is huge! Major PR opportunities for the chapter + Sister gets recognized for her hard work during college = Big win for all involved. Kelly, VSU sister, is Panhellenic President (basically, queen of sorority land), and Mary, APSU sister, is in the President's Emerging Leaders Program & a big sister for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Yep. ΑΔΠs are the finest. We've been telling ya that since 1851.

kelly & mary
Ya know, I get asked a lot where home is. "Virginia." But, the more & more I travel, the more & more I'm getting the urge to answer a bit differently.