my alma mater

I get asked many questions on the road...

Where are you from? What's ADPi like at your school? What positions did you hold? Do you have a boyfriend? Is that hard? Why do you have so much stuff for a week? Oh, you really live out of those suitcases? What did you study? So, is this your only job? Are you going to do this forever? Do you know the other consultants? Are you going to come back & visit us? What's your favorite chapter? Are we your favorite chapter?

But, there's one question that always sticks out above the rest:

[sister] Where did you go to school? [me] Virginia Tech! [sister] Oh... So, were you there for the shooting?

It gets me every. single. time.

On April 16, 2007, I sat down at the dinner table with my parents & younger brother as I did every night growing up. My dad looked at me and asked what I thought was the craziest, most absurd question anyone could ever ask:

[dad] So, do you still want to go to Virginia Tech? [me] You bet.

You know, Virginia Tech is an amazing school home, and it just burns me up that people don't think of more than that day when they hear its name.

Michele Obama couldn't have said it better.

Want to know something else? U.S. News & World Report ranks Virginia Tech #28 out of all public universities in the nation, Southern Living listed it as one of the Best College Towns in the South, and the Princeton Review ranks Virginia Tech second in the nation for Best Campus Food.

Oh, and let's have a little chat about Hokie football. I cried about graduating when I watched a trailer for the 2012 football season that came out last spring; Virginia Tech football is serious. In fact, Lane Stadium is considered to be one of the loudest stadiums in the country and has been dubbed the most exciting entrance in college football.

So, next time you have the privilege of meeting a Hokie, I hope you think about what an incredible place Virginia Tech is & how unbelievably silly you were to not go there.

And that, ladies & gents...

that's what it's all about.


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