northern arizona university

Having the chance to visit a chapter more than once...

Is always such a treat. Return visits feel like home - familiar faces, a familiar bed, and getting the chance to eat at that local yummy restaurant one more time.

and I'm so glad to be back!

Visiting the Epsilon Xi chapter at Northern Arizona University again was even better than a typical second visit! Last time I visited this chapter, I left the town of Flagstaff with 2 feet of snow on the ground (who knew it snowed in Arizona? Not me...), and returned to beautiful 70 degree weather. Experiencing two different seasons in one city on the opposite side of the country from what I'm used to was pretty neat.

beautiful sunset during a break in the snow storm

So, let's talk about this snow for a second. I have never seen so much snow come down so fast! I mean, it snows in Virginia, but not like this. In VA, the weatherman calls for 2", and there's no milk or bread on shelves for miles. In Flagstaff, it snows 2', and life goes on as normal. Well, except for the airports! When my flight was finally able to leave, they de-iced the plane (not exactly what you want to hear the flight attendant announce just prior to take-off). Taking off in a snow storm is quite an experience!

are we sure this is safe?..

Oh, and check out this little adventure I had pre-snow storm. Ya know, just a day in the life doing an obstacle course 30' up in some trees. No biggie.

On my second visit, life in Flagstaff was quite different. In fact, my visit included my third Mallard Ball (an ADPi southern tradition celebrating the beginning of duck hunting season) of this crazy consultant journey & a trip to the Grand Canyon! It is beautiful to say the very least. Honestly, it looks like a painting. If you've never been, go visit the big ditch sometime. It's worth it.

stevie & me
throw diamonds at the canyon - check.
b e a u t i f u l

Oh, one last Arizona thought: Watch for elk crossing. Yes, elk. My dad always warns me to "be careful & watch out for deer & fog!", but elk? Nope. Not in VA. Yet another new experience for this east coaster.

typical arizona rear view
typical arizona curbside view


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